Indoor Flags

The indoor flags with flagpole give it a unique personality and add a charismatic and official air to any business. Tropical Flag can make them sewn,  we can do the flag with serigraphy, and i f you want, we can doed with  digital prints with your logo.  A indoor flag is ideal for any business that wants to stand out.  Was not sure what type of flag you want? Visit us at Arecibo and we can help you choose.

Maintenance and Repair

We are here to offer advice and help in repairing flagpoles and any type off fags or promo items project than you have.  Our service highlights us as the best in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, we are very proud of this. You need advice or assistance? We will be at your disposal.

Modern Design

We also offer diferent types of promo items for those who prefer a more sophisticated look.  We can make flags in many types of material.  Looking for something specific? We gladly sit down with you to discuss what we can do for you.  Call us right now!

Not sure which solution fits you business needs?